Best meat is our philosophy

In La Masseria you will find the best cuts of meat selected and processed by master butchers, who boast twenty-years of experience.
The meat is dry matured for 40 days.
This dry ageing process gives rise to our high-quality marbled steak.
The preparation on the "Big Green Egg" grill maximises the typical aromas of the meat and the caramelisation gives an unmistakable appearance to the steaks and ribs.

We use only first choice cuts from selected animals from Lombardy, Piedmont, Sicily and Sardinia.

The animals are reared on grassy pastures and fed exclusively on grass and cereals. 
In addition to this hymn to the carnivorous soul, the menu offers unmistakable Italian specialities, fresh fish and a wide selection of wines from Ticino, Lombardy and Northern Italy.


Be tempted by a delicious beginning. Our starters will perfectly prepare your pallet for the fine meats offered at La Masseria restaurant.


La Masseria restaurant selects the best meat available from Lombardy, Piedmont, Sicily and Sardinia.


Close you tasting experience in La Masseria restaurant and succumb to the sin of gluttony.