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A door with a history

At "La Masseria - Beach Terrace & Grill" you can enjoy your meal in a unique atmosphere characterized by a taste of history.

The elegant dining room was converted from a two-hundred-year old vaulted cellar where, thanks to the careful preservation of precious materials such as Val Cavargna tuff, you can still feel the history and the passion for tradition.

The warm colour of the tuff and the unique vaulted architecture give “La Masseria” an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, made even more romantic by the candlelight and the open fireplace.

The furnishings, characterized by the combination of modern and rustic design elements, add to the beauty of the location. The furniture was made by local craftsmen using leather, iron and granite, materials that are typical of our region. 

The history of this striking door almost sounds like a fairy tale: manufactured in Switzerland in 1620, the door somehow made its way to the Koller auction house in Zurich. There it was purchased at an auction by Parco San Marco. Now it is used as a decorative element in front of the glass entrance door to the restaurant and its image can be found on the logo of the "La Masseria - Beach Terrace & Grill".